Today Is Present
Today Is Present

East Los

Holiday 2016 campaign for New Seasons Market. This joyful and slightly irreverent concept while working at Tether, brings to life New Seasons’ core values of delivering choice that honors all tastes and budgets. 

We all like our food, the way we like it. Whether it’s ham or TurDucKen, canned or fresh pumpkin, homemade rolls or the ones you pop out of a tin, joy comes in all tastes and flavors. It doesn’t judge and it never discriminates.

East Los: Nike Community Store Photography

Defined by an iconic entrance arch, Whittier Boulevard serves as the heart and soul of East Los Angeles. It also introduces the location of Nike East Los, Nike’s latest Community Store, located at Whittier (on the Latino Walk of Fame) and S. McDonnell Avenue.

Leaning into reportage-style photography; set the creative tone and led the art direction over retail, OOH, social and activations assets. With this style of shooting, representative casting and authentic locations were key components to igniting local engagement through sport.


tether (agency) / eCD:  matt schmunk / AcD : CYNTHIA TUAN / ad: cynthia tuan, marko kennelly ullman / writing: leighann franson /  
Design: jim ward, caitlin robinson, dan zimmerman /  Photographer:  misha taylor / retail & OOH photography: charles chesnut